Feature Requirement:

Create a simple-to-understand customer engagement report.

The persona is a user with low technical expertise. He should be able to ascertain essential information about his digital marketing efforts based on a simple snapshot of audience engagement.

~ Data Project ~


The first step is to gather the requirements.


I often sketch out a simple wireframe just to get ideas on paper.

I know I have limited screen space. My idea is to use panels for each section and present the user with a series of questions.

The user will see a question pertinent to their marketing efforts and will have an ability to select another question from a drop down list. If the question changes, the demographic data on the page will update to reflect the change.


I create a prototype of the report.

The report is then designed and mocked up in Axure Pro. From here the developers can create a working prototype.

A "Social Reputation" card shows how the business is trending across various media channels.

"Messages & Mentions" helps the user stay on top of direct consumer engagement.