Feature Requirement:

Publish to multiple channels with a single message.

The feature requirement called for a user to be able to post a single message and deploy it to multiple channels or formats, including email templates, blog posts and social media updates.

~ Channel Project ~


Start a campaign.

The challenge was to create a user flow where a single message can be composed for multiple "channels" at once - email, blog post, Facebook, Twitter etc. We create a campaign and the user can choose from several options.


Selecting title and message channels

Choose a name for your campaign and select which message channels will be included.


Choose page for the blog post

The user can select from (possibly more than one) page on their website to publish this message.


Compose new message in EDIT view

A new full screen view opens in which to compose a new message.


Choose to add more widgets

User can add one or more "widgets" for composing a message (image, title, text) and drag to re-arrange.


Edit text format window

An HTML editor for editing text on the page.


Choose an email template

User may have one or more email template to choose from.


Review message in email template view

We bring message content forward from the previous steps. The user may choose to customize this content specifically for email or keep it and proceed. Options are available to preview and test email as it will appear in your inbox.


Social Media

Posting the message to social media is simple. We populate the message and image to be posted along with the campaign headline. The user has the option to customize the text.


Publish now or publish later

This feature allows flexibility to publish to all message channels immediately or schedule a future time for publication. A feature has been included to allow users to control seperate publishing schedules for each channel.



A confirmation page provides user information about each message channel.